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Election Integrity

Since the 2020 Presidential election the American people have been concerned about the integrity of our elections. The County Clerk and Election Authority are the first line of defense in securing our elections. Through my experience I am prepared to meet this challenge head on. I believe we need to limit absentee mail-in ballots and offer in-person early voting in exchange, which would limit voter fraud. I also believe that we need to build on our current training for poll workers and create an ongoing comprehensive training program and certification. This training program will allow us to ensure that our team is at the top of their game and be prepared to handle any issue that may arise. 

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As we continue to live in the modern age government transparency has become essential. I am dedicated to running an office built on the idea that I work for the people, and it is my responsibility to ensure transparency. We have a great opportunity to build our online footprint by giving the citizens of Jefferson County access to the county through our website. We need to have further access to election results, county meeting minutes, county audits, and so much more. The more access we give the more the people will trust their government. (Read More)

Citizens for Jeannie Goff, Kami Kimes Treasurer
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